Tumbleweed Township Staff

Josie Hirsch, Co-creator and Executive Director of Business Administration
Simi Valley resident since 2003, Josie’s career as executive management for an international credit card corporation led her to become an independent business consultant. As a financial professional with 2 young children, finding the funding for the continuation of educational arts programs became a priority as programs continue to be cut from schools. Josie is the primary contact for corporate sponsorship opportunities, as well as contracting the services of this unique non-profit special events production team.

Jan Glasband, Co-creator/Executive Artistic Director
Simi Valley resident since 1981 when she and her husband relocated from Los Angeles to Simi Valley to raise a family. Jan is also Artistic Director of Actors’ Repertory Theatre of Simi. Although a graphic artist by trade, the creation and development of educational arts programs with a focus on youth has always been of primary interest with the goal of helping to raise cultural awareness. Jan is the primary contact for corporate and foundational granting opportunities. jgartdept(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Andrew Elkins, General Manager
Responsible for managing the overall operation of the festival, including assisting the Executive Directors in obtaining funding, site management and staff management.

DanWill McCann, Entertainment Director
Responsible for overseeing all the entertainment aspects of Nottingham Village and Festival. Responsible for executing the artistic vision for the festival and will determine what entertainment will be seen on all stages. The Entertainment Director will be setting auditions for anyone wishing to perform at the Festival. Any questions about auditions or inclusion in the entertainment program should contact the Entertainment Director.

TBA, Production Managers
Responsible for overseeing the physical production of the festival including build out of entertainment locations. Works with the Executive Directors and Entertainment Director in creating the stages and entertainment locations.

Sasha Venola, Marketing Manager
Responsible for all media relations, publicity, marketing plans, Social Media, and web presence. Point of contact for all media outlets to obtain information about the festival.

TBA, Social Media Manager
Responsible for the creative direction, content and presence of the festival on Social Media outlets, along with communicating with the general public via Social Media channels.

TBA, Volunteer Coordinator
Responsible for the sourcing, hiring and training of volunteers for the festival (except for Beverage related positions).

Susan Lewis-Jones, Finance Manager
Responsible for managing all the financial aspects of the faire including budgets, revenue and payroll.

Danny & Suzanne Ludington, Beverage Managers
Responsible for overseeing the Beverage Department under the direction of the General Manager. Duties include working with Finance Manager in monitoring beverage cost, revenue and monitoring inventory and working under the guidance of the Human Resources Director in overseeing beverage staff.

Kara McLeod Costume Designer
Responsible for the overall look of the festival under the direction of the Entertainment Director.

TBA, Prop Master
Responsible for procuring and tracking all props for the festival under the direction of the Entertainment Director.

TBA, Vendor Marketplace Manager
Any questions regarding vendor applications should be addressed to the Marketplace Manager.

TBA, Food Vendor Marketplace Manager
Any questions regarding food vendor applications should be addressed to the Marketplace Manager.

Lisa Damigella, Merch Booth Manager
Responsible for sourcing and overseeing the creation of merchandise to be sold at the official Nottingham Festival company store and merch booth.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]