Tumbleweed Fair FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our patrons to help you enjoy your visit to Tumbleweed on October 22nd & 23rd.

No outside food or drink, including alcoholic beverages.

The Tumbleweed event will take place rain or shine.

There are no refunds or exchanges of tickets.

Can I bring my sidearm?
No. Per the Simi Valley Police Department and its conditions for the event:

“There shall be no firearms or replica firearms allowed to be brought onto the premises by the public.”

Historical note: Despite what we’ve learned from Hollywood movies and TV shows, cowboys and other folk in old west towns could not carry firearms into town. There were town ordinances to prevent mayhem. Only Tumbleweed performers are permitted to carry a firearm and they will be under the strictest safety rules. Patrons are asked to please leave your firearms at home or in the car. Please note, this rule includes steampunk/fantasy sidearms.

Photography and Video
Patrons are allowed to take photographs or video recordings for personal use only, but are prohibited from using images or recordings for commercial purposes without prior, written authorization from Nottingham Productions. No exceptions.

There is no unauthorized professional photography or videography allowed. Please contact our PR rep prior to attending if you wish to photograph the event.

While visiting Tumbleweed, you may be photographed or video recorded. These images and video may be used in the future for educational or marketing purposes. You admission to Tumbleweed or its programs serves as permission and consent for image and video use.

Where is Parking?
Parking for Tumbleweed is free. Parking is on a first come basis. Parking is available immediately adjacent to Civic Center Park at 3855 Alamo St. Overflow parking will be available on the days of the event.

Can I Bring My Pet?
Per the rules of our locations, there are no pets allowed. Please let your pets at home. Only ADA qualified service dogs are allowed at the event. We ask that the service dog wear its vest at all times and that the person handling it is carrying the service dog’s ID card.

Can I Attend in Period Costume?
Yes! We encourage you to attend Tumbleweed in your Old West or Victorian outfits!

Do I Have to Wear a Costume?
Not at all. Guests will have an equally enjoyable time whether they are in costume or in their regular clothes.

Is the Event Kid Friendly?
Absolutely! We feature educational, historical entertainment. There will be plenty of activities for kids and two siblings 12 and under are admitted free with a paid adult!

Can I Smoke?
All parks in Simi Valley are non-smoking parks. There will be a designated area for smoking. Please limit all smoking, including old fashioned pipes and vaping devices to these designated areas.

Seating and Handicap Access
There will be seating at our stages and near the food vendor area. Please leave portable seating at home as it constitutes a safety issue. Wheelchairs and motorized assistance conveyances not subject to this and are of course permitted for those in need.

Tumbleweed has handicap parking available on a first-parked basis at our main gate as well as at other parking areas around the event. We have wheelchair access right at our front gate. Please note, there are sidewalks within the park, along with grassy areas with small inclines.

When is Last Call?
Last Call to be served alcohol is at 4:00pm each day Tumbleweed is open. There is a 2 Drink limit per purchase and you must be 21 or over to purchase alcohol. You must have your ID checked prior to purchasing alcoholic beverages.

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