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Yeehaw! Check it out folks! Here’s the entertainment line up for Tumbleweed! In addition to our Grand Exhibition Hall of Famous Personages, you can be entertained with everything from music to magic to having your friends arrested (for charity!). Check out the show schedule for times!

Prestidigitations with Austin

Austin has always been captivated by magic. From his earliest memories, Austin recalls watching his dad pull coins out of thin air before making them vanish. However, it wasn’t until Austin received a book on magic at the age of nine, that he began his own journey into sleight of hand. From that time on, Austin could always be found with a deck of cards in his hand and a trick up his sleeve. He performed at family gatherings, restaurants; anywhere there was a willing audience. Now 16 years old, Austin regularly performs at the prestigious Magic Castle, and is more devoted to his craft than ever. While some view magic as mere trickery, Austin sees it as much more. It’s about creating wonder by stretching the bounds of possibility.



Charityville Jail

This jail comes with a sheriff, deputies, and other characters of the era dressed in authentic clothing and accessories. Warrants will be issued for anyone at the event. The sheriff and his deputies will arrest all people with warrants issued and throw them in jail. The only way to get out of jail is to post bail. All proceeds go to charity.



Groat Family Wild West Show
Violinist, Ethan Groat
Piano Man Ross
Doc Sam, Medicine Man

“If you can’t find the real west here, your boots are too tight”.

Filled with lots of action and comedy, the Groat Family Wild West Show is real western family fun for kids of all ages. The show includes bullwhip and trick gun artistry, audience participation, and western shootouts.

Rick Groat, director and owner, is also known for his family film company Groat Family Productions. The latest production now in progress, Copperhead Creek, stars Jimmy Van Patton, and many more, is a feature action western. The Groat family have been film makers and actors since Rick’s Grandfather Cliff Groat worked as a director for silent western films in the 1920’s, and his Mother Gypsy worked for MGM in many musicals in the 1940’s.

In 1962 the Groat’s formed their wild west show, and are the longest running family owned wild west show in US history with now over 5,470 live shows.



Keeping Fire

Based in the San Fernando Valley, Keeping Fire is a band that plays acoustic music ranging from bluegrass to new folk and cowboy tunes. Of special interest are tunes the band has written dealing with the gold mines of the eastern San Gabriel Mountains. Keeping Fire consists of five veteran musicians all of whom have been actively involved in the Southern California music scene since the 1960s, including performances and tours with a wide variety of top-of-the-line performers. The members of the band are: Ron Miller on guitar, Fred Heilbrun on banjo, Jarrett Lesko on resonator guitar, Steve Wilke on mandolin, and Scott Olsen on upright bass. Keeping Fire has performed at bluegrass festivals, concerts, theaters, corporate functions, and private parties. They would love to bring their tight harmonies and driving instrumentals to your event.



Pico Pistolero

It wasn’t just about whiskey and soiled doves in the saloons of the Wild West.  Sporting men, purveyors of ‘honest’ games of chance and skill were a fixture in the taverns, including the saloon at the Tumbleweed Camp.  Learn to play Faro (the game Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday dealt to earn a living) and Grand Hazard (on an authentic 1800s table) with Pico Pistolero and Pharo Phil, (both featured on HBO’s “West World”.  The games are free and no actual gambling is permitted, but you’re guaranteed to leave the table richer in stories of the old West and having experienced the games the miners, cowboys and gunfighters played to pass the time.



Soapy Smith

Portraying his great-grandfather “Soapy” Smith,” king of the frontier con men,” Jeff Smith, operates nefarious games of chance along the boardwalks of Tumbleweed. Come for the shell and pea game and three-card monte, but stay for the prize soap (soap with a cash prize inside)! But beware of swindlers… author of Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel

Alias Soapy Smith
Soapy Smith’s soap box


Quilting Bee

A gathering together of women (and a man or two!) to create a community of sharing, nurture, nourishment and support. Our quilters will be making a beautiful blanket out of seemingly unrelated fabric pieces that will end up being a source of comfort for someone.

This quilting bee experience includes singing, laughter, chatting, and demonstrations, perhaps inspiring someone to start a project of their own. We will be inviting the public to quilt a few stitches if they wish and they are free to sing with us, too. Ideally, the quilting bee space will be infused with community spirit so that anyone who passes by or sits with us a spell will carry some of that out into the world!


Alex, Joey & Ryan

Local LA Country Rock Band stepping back in time to the 1800s and playing songs of the era with a country flair!


Les Danseuses Fabuleuses Featuring “Catgut” Carter

Live, and direct from gay Pareé, Tumbleweed presents this world renowned troupe of petticoat flashin’, high kickin’, French can-can dancers for your entertainment and viewing pleasure. When their violin accompanist tragically (and unexpectedly) lost his life in a spat over another fella’s wife…our own mightily talented fiddle player, “Catgut” Carter, stepped in to save the day. We’re fortunate indeed to have this lively, talented group of French hoofers and their musician du jour graces our stage at Tumbleweed!


The Devil’s Box String Band

“The Devil’s Box String Band is a revisionist-western take on playing fiddle tunes from around the world. Two-beat Cajun stomps, break-neck bluegrass, haunting Gypsy laments, and cranked out Celtic jigs all get twisted, bent, and melted down to become burning masses of fiddle heat.”



John Bergstrom

John comes from a lifelong enjoyment of music.  Born and raised in Southern California, his father was a musician who played his last show at age 93.  John retired from high school history teaching to full time music in 2009.  He writes and performs ballads about the fascinating people and events of the west. John and his wife, Diane were honored with the 2014 “OutWest Spirit Award” in recognition of their support of all things western. John has produced five CDs of classic and original songs about the west. Fans can check out his music at CDbaby.com and other on line music sources. More than one fan has said that “you can almost smell the campfire” during one of John’s shows.

John has produced five CDs of classic and original songs about the west.  Fans can check out his music at CDbaby.com and other on line music sources.




While they are new arrivals to the era of the American West, David and Becky have been performing together for years as Rigel, presenting a rich and varied collection of traditional and modern music. They appear regularly at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura and at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, and at Scottish country dances, coffeehouses, pubs, and weddings.

David’s fine voice and storyteller’s delivery prove engaging in songs and ballads both romantic and tragic. Becky’s fine styling takes the lead in airs and dances that will draw you in with toe tapping and a smile at the very least, even perhaps a swoon



Rodeo Ray, Dangerous Diane, & Brother Tom

Ray and Diane Kula of the Mockingbird Minstrels and Tom Hoffmann of the Slackjaw Bros. have teamed up to perform popular music from 19th century at Tumbleweed Township Saturday, October 22nd. All three of these musicians have years of experience performing authentic music from Antebellum America, the Civil War and the Wild West era of the late 1800s.


Band of the California Battalion

The Band of the California Battalion, a reenacted Union Civil War Brass Band, begins its 25th year of presenting authentic music from the American Civil War. As their promotional materials suggest they perform, “stirring martial music and poignant popular aires” from a time when “instruments had character and characters had instruments!”



No Parchment Needed

No Parchment Needed is a traveling group of improvisational performers. Every short-form show is varied and unique because it is tailored by the audience’s suggestions. Fun for all children & adults alike. Come one, come all!



Sub Zero Science Show

Science Education that’s delicious by Sub Zero Ice Cream! Now that’s cold! Sub Zero Ice Cream, Simi Valley, entertainingly demonstrates the properties and uses of pure liquid nitrogen, one of Mother Nature’s coolest AND coldest elements.  In fact, it’s so cold that you’ll see a flower break into a thousand pieces after just five seconds in liquid nitrogen.  What else can liquid nitrogen do?  Come see the show, and be amazed.  It’s fun, it’s cool (pun intended), it’s science!


Tumbleweed Tony

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls! I’m the Old Tumbleweed Tony Sanders, beloved author of historical fiction gleaned from the trails of Old California. I’m ready to entertain you by autographing and personalizing your copy of the historical western fiction novels: “Long Gun – Day Of Consequence” & “Long Gun–Intruder On Dust Creek.” Recitations of buckaroo poetry, old western songs, coerced participation in the Prairie Library & Reading School class sessions, where students swear their oaths of assent to abide by the cowboy way & obey the code of the west. You’ll be rockin’ to and fro when I verify your ability to read & get your head around standard cowboy English! Every student receives a free copy of the Tumbleweed Reader.

www.long-gun.com for more cowboy stuff & read the entire first chapter of the Long Gun series.

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