The Grand Exhibition Hall

Characters Portrayed in the Grand Exhibition Hall

Belle Starr – The ‘Bandit Queen’ of the Wild West – Belle and her boys palled around with the infamous Jesse James and made a name for herself by being as prolific a thief as any man. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder – The little prairie miss herself discusses her life and lifestyle, beloved by millions. 

Cole Younger – Confederate soldier turned bank-robber, a friend of Jesse James, and a noted criminal in his own right. Hear about what one man did after the war turned his life upside down. 

Annie Oakley – Little Miss Sure Shot, the famous sharpshooter and star of the Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. Here about how such a little lady got so good with a gun. 

Charles Grandison Finney – A charismatic reformist, Charles Finney preached about the ills of society long before that became a concept. 

Litchfield & Spayde  – Resident grave-diggers. Hear a little about the various fine funerary offerings available in Tumbleweed

Harriet Tubman* – A powerful portrayal of the woman who led thousands North to freedom on the Underground railroad. The war may be over, but it’s time to hear why it needed to be fought. 

Nat Love – Deadwood Dick as they call him, a former slave who became one of finest cowboys and riders in the West. 

Calamity Jane – She’s been called many things but few know her by her true name of Martha James. Friend and companion to Wild Bill Hickock, she’s been a trail scout and a rider and an Indian fighter. She adds guest lecturer to her list today. 

Polly Bemis – Born in China and forced into a life of slavery against her will, Polly finds freedom and family in the Mid-west upon her escape.  A chance to look at the Chinese experience of the West. 

Juaquin Murrieta – The Mexican ‘Robin Hood’ who wanted nothing more than to be a simple gold miner. After a vicious assault, he took to  robbing others and redistributing to the poor. The basis of the Zorro legend; time to learn some of the truth. 

Finis Ewing Yoakum – A man of healing and great piety, Yoakum has plans to build a community in the nearby Lime Valley to house those in need of recovery from the various ills of life. Hear a little of his proposal and plans for spiritual and physical healing.  

Timofei Osipovich Tarakanov – From the frozen tundras of Russia to the Chapparals of Tumbleweed, Timofei has been a mountain man and furrier for years and has come to town to sell his wares. A chance to learn about the fur-trade which helped shape the Pacific North-west. 

Giuseppina_Morlacchi – The Queen of the CanCan from far off Italy! The girl with the Million Dollar Legs!  Catch her and her girls performing regularly for us in town.

Sacajawea* – The Native woman who guided Lewis and Clark on their epic journey across the North American continent shares tales of her life and key role in the expedition. 

 * local portrayal