Stage Acts

A Sampling of Shows

The Mayor’s Show

It’s takin’ a mite of time to get the niceties of 19th century civilization as far west as Tumbleweed. When the Sheriff develops a toothache, it takes the influence of the Wealthy Widow Jessie-Bell Thornyhill to persuade an old friend…a retired dentist…to stop by Tumbleweed on his travels. Since they’re gonna have to get the sheriff stinkin’ drunk to have the procedure, it’s Col. Foote’s notion to declare, as Mayor, a No-Crime Holiday. But the retired dentist is something of a “Holiday” himself.


Bringing to life what stands to be the most honest interpretation of this iconic and unmoral woman of America’s western frontier, Ms. Younger portrays an older Martha Jane reflecting back on her life and trying to clear up some of the legends and lies about her life. Weaving the most accurate historical facts along with known legends of the frontierswoman, this portrayal brings us a warm and witty, honest and believable “Calamity” Jane not traditionally seen or performed.  Steppibg off the pages of history, this is a “Calamity” Jane that instantly becomes real, bringing herself and the times she lived in into an honest focus.


Dan McNay

Tumbleweed Tony