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Charityville Jail

This jail comes with a sheriff, deputies, and other characters of the era dressed in authentic clothing and accessories. Warrants will be issued for anyone at the event. The sheriff and his deputies will arrest all people with warrants issued and throw them in jail. The only way to get out of jail is to post bail. All proceeds go to charity.

Quilting Bee

A gathering together of women (and a man or two!) to create a community of sharing, nurture, nourishment and support. Our quilters will be making a beautiful blanket out of seemingly unrelated fabric pieces that will end up being a source of comfort for someone.
This quilting bee experience includes singing, laughter, chatting, and demonstrations, perhaps inspiring someone to start a project of their own. We will be inviting the public to quilt a few stitches if they wish and they are free to sing with us, too. Ideally, the quilting bee space will be infused with community spirit so that anyone who passes by or sits with us a spell will carry some of that out into the world!


St Andrew’s

Lakota Native Americans

The Devil’s Box String Band
“The Devil’s Box String Band is a revisionist-western take on playing fiddle tunes from around the world. Two-beat Cajun stomps, break-neck bluegrass, haunting Gypsy laments, and cranked out Celtic jigs all get twisted, bent, and melted down to become burning masses of fiddle heat.”


While they are new arrivals to the era of the American West, David and Becky have been performing together for years as Rigel, presenting a rich and varied collection of traditional and modern music. They appear regularly at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura and at Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, and at Scottish country dances, coffeehouses, pubs, and weddings.
David’s fine voice and storyteller’s delivery prove engaging in songs and ballads both romantic and tragic. Becky’s fine styling takes the lead in airs and dances that will draw you in with toe tapping and a smile at the very least, even perhaps a swoon

No Parchment Needed

No Parchment Needed is a traveling group of improvisational performers. Every short-form show is varied and unique because it is tailored by the audience’s suggestions. Fun for all children & adults alike. Come one, come all!
Twitter @NoParchmentNeed
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Will Roberts

Salvador Magallon Calderon
Native American Living History