Featured Characters

Our Mayor

Colonel Thaddeus Foote, Retired, was the legendary hero of the famed 10th Michigan Cavalry in the war of Southern Succession. Newspapers far and wide were apprised of his daring raids and great victories, even though many of them appear to be questionable or downright fictional. Nevertheless, the Brave “Colonel” as he is known to the townsfolk, represents the very soul of ethical business and political dealings that typify the West. Yup.

Danforth Talcott

Tumbleweed’s Telegraph Operator and Newspaper Publisher has been Col. Foote’s chronicler and biographer since their days together in the Civil War, and where the Colonel may not remember the ’60s as well as he might, Danforth Talcott can be depended on to come up with the historic particulars, if you’re not too particular. He never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Jessica Belle Thornyhill

The leading citizen and sole owner of the nearby rival community of Silvertown. Jessie-Belle came to the wild west following a successful career in the Intimate Hospitality Business in New Orleans, and outlived three husbands, securing a Sheep Ranch, A Cattle Ranch and a Silver Mine in the process. It’s her intention that Silvertown get the Pacific and Piru Railroad route, and she has special talents of persuasion to bring to the discussion with Mr. Caldwell.

Meriwether Caldwell

One of the new breed of Industrial Barons scheming to harness the great wealth of the West, J. Meriwether Caldwell represents the promise of a future to either Tumbleweed or its rival, Silvertown. Elegant and cultured, he quietly remains the card sharp and gunfighter he was before striking it rich.

Rev. Jedidiah Crimpwith

Rev. Crimpwith has come to Tumbleweed to Save souls and his own skin. Several years ago he lost his large eastern Church and Congregation due to an unfortunate Baptismal Service, sending a soul to paradise prematurely, or at least it was so judged by the Circuit Judge. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, Rev. Crimpwith has come to a new sight and vision as Tumbleweed’s Spiritual leader.

Professor Nigel Phelps-Smythe

A member of the Royal London Anthropological Society, Professor Phelps-Smythe has come to Tumbleweed in order to observe, study and document the new vibrant society of America’s Great West.  Needless to say, he’s finding the ways of Tumbleweed to be outside of his academic experience.

Cookie Ilene, Queen of the West

If you’ve ever been to Tumbleweed you know of Cookie Ilene’s Chuck Wagon, whether you’ve eaten there or not. Cookie Ilene, Queen of the West can make a meal out of just about any critter, and dining at Cookie Ilene’s will prove your courage better’ n facing down a band of cattle rustlers. Ask for the Blue Plate Special.