Featured Characters

Our Mayor

Colonel Thaddeus Foote, Retired, was the legendary hero of the famed 10th Michigan Cavalry in the war of Southern Succession. Newspapers far and wide were apprised of his daring raids and great victories, even though many of them appear to be questionable or downright fictional. Nevertheless, the Brave “Colonel” as he is known to the townsfolk, represents the very soul of ethical business and political dealings that typify the West. Yup.

Jessica Belle Thornyhill

The leading citizen and sole owner of the nearby rival community of Silvertown. Jessie-Belle came to the wild west following a successful career in the Intimate Hospitality Business in New Orleans, and outlived three husbands, securing a Sheep Ranch, A Cattle Ranch and a Silver Mine in the process. As the new advantages of the coming age arrive at the Frontier, It’s Jessie-Belle’s intention that Silvertown gets them first.

Our Sheriff

Intelligence is really not one of the most important qualifications for the job of Tumbleweed’s Sheriff. In fact, any one with a measurable amount of intelligence would not ever take the job. The Most Important qualification for the job is to be alive, which is the problem with all of the previous job holders. Therefore, he has to be alive, he has to be…not too bright…and he has to believe in the “Code of the West.” Meet the Sheriff.

Rev. Jedidiah Crimpwith

Rev. Crimpwith has come to Tumbleweed to Save souls and his own skin. Several years ago he lost his large eastern Church and Congregation due to an unfortunate Baptismal Service, sending a soul to paradise prematurely, or at least it was so judged by the Circuit Judge. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, Rev. Crimpwith has come to a new sight and vision as Tumbleweed’s Spiritual leader.

Professor Nigel Phelps-Smythe

A member of the Royal London Anthropological Society, Professor Phelps-Smythe has come to Tumbleweed in order to observe, study and document the new vibrant society of America’s Great West.  Needless to say, he’s finding the ways of Tumbleweed to be outside of his academic experience.

The Somis Kid

He’s just Harold Fiesner whose folks live over near the gulch, a-raisin pigs. Harold fancies himself to be one of the Wild West’s most colorful legends, just barely a’ goin into chapter two of his great Biography. His gun was welded solid by a lightning bolt some years ago, and the only way he’ll hurt anybody with it is if he throws it at you, and he’d never do that. Just tell him you ain’t a got no cash, and act scared a bit and he’ll go away.

Eudora Hashhagan

The Women’s Christian Temperance Union has sent its avenging angels, its women warriors, its tee-totaling terrorists into the communities of the west in the Heavenly-Inspired true Crusade to eliminate the evils of Alcohol, and to free mankind from its enslavement to the twin evils of fermentation and distillation. Eudora Hashhagan has descended on Tumbleweed in that great ambition, loyal to her Inspiration, the great Carrie Nation, and determined to bring the blessings of prohibition to this new land, no matter how long it takes.

Lichtfield and Spayde

Ephriam Lichtfield represents the very pinnacle of dignity as befits his profession: Town Undertaker. Rough-hew your life as you will, Ephriam Lichtfield’s arts, talents and techniques will present you, at your burial, with a countenance and an image you will be proud to carry with you into the afterlife. Miz Spayde will make certain you’ve got your reserved and deserved plot o’land up at boot hill. And of course the rightful fees that such professionals must demand are of little concern to you, once you have, as Shakespeare said, “Shuffled off this mortal coil.” With Ephriam Lichtfield and Miz Spayde, you will have your mortal coil elegantly shaken out and preserved. No shuffling.

The Dentist

Well, we don’t rightly know too much about him. Seems he owes Miz Jessie Belle a favor and is willin to come look at the sheriff’s teeth. He’s a retired dentist, she says, he mostly plays cards. He’ll be a comin into Tumbleweed on the stage, and We’re guessin’ we’ll find out more about him.

Miss Caliope Prinn

Pronounced Cal-ee-oh-pay (Not Cal-eye-oh-pee), Miss Prinn is the local Schoolmarm who is hosting the Grand Exhibition Hall to bring History and famous figures to the townfolk of Tumbleweed. She’s rather sensitive about her name being mispronounced by just about everyone